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Horizon HVAC started in the Salt Lake Valley in 2002. Having years of experience with heating and cooling systems, Brent Nielson decided to start his own company that specialized in providing timely, quality work, with a personalized touch.

We are a licensed Brigham City HVAC contractor,  RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) certified, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified.

Horizon HVAC - Brigham City Air Conditioning

Your Brigham City HVAC systems require regular maintenance in order to provide you with superior home comfort year round. Our Brigham City HVAC contractors specialize in personalized service, expert solutions and superior craftsmanship. All of our highly trained HVAC technicians can accurately and efficiently install any make or model of Brigham City air conditioning in your Utah home.

Brigham City Water Heaters

From start to finish, our Brigham City HVAC contractors will work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed all of your expectations. One of our top priorities is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We will guarantee that you will receive the top-notch service at rates that you can afford in Brigham City. We also offer:

  • Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Gas Water Heater
  • Water Heater Tanks
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Water Heater Repairs
  • Install Water Heater
  • Water Heater Repair
  • On Demand Water Heaters

Brigham City Indoor Air

Brigham City Indoor air quality is the quality of air around and within structures and buildings as related to the comfort and health of the space’s occupants. There are many factors that affect IAQ such as mold and bacteria (microbial contaminants), particulates, and gases like radon, carbon monoxide and organic compounds and all mass stressors that can result to dangerous health conditions. Today, indoor air quality has become a major health issue compared to the hazards of outdoor air.
So far, ventilation, source control and filtration are the best methods to dilute all contaminants in indoor air. In order to determine indoor air quality, there will be a need to collect air samples on the building’s surfaces and constant monitoring of human exposure to the pollutants present in the air. Computer technology offers a modeling of air flows in homes and buildings to check how it affects the quality of indoor air that one breathes.

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