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A Salt Lake City heat pump is a heating component which moves heat throughout the home. During the cooler months, a heat pump will pull the heat from the outdoor air and circulate it through your air ducts. In the summer months, the heat pump will reverse the process and draw heat from the indoor air and release it outside. It also provides dehumidification to the indoor air as well.

Heat pumps are a great, energy-efficient solution for your Utah HVAC system. They work year-round to provide your home with premium comfort. A quality heat pump will provide you with a continuous flow of heat and consistent temperature as opposed to gas furnaces which only provide certain areas with heat, causing uncomfortable hot spots in the home. Additionally, heat pumps do not have an open flame which reduces the possibility of fuel leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning in your Salt Lake City home.

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Every service call we receive will be handled by one of our highly trained Salt Lake City HVAC contractor who is qualified to provide you with effective and efficient solutions for all of your HVAC needs. We use the latest technology available and provide our services at an affordable price. Our experts will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are provided with home comfort throughout the year.

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